From January 1983 to August 1986, The Nervous Gender lineup consisted of original members Velasquez and Stapleton and Wall of Voodoo members Marc Morland (guitar), Bruce Morland (Bass), Chas Grey (synthesizers & Keyboards) and Ned (Drums). This line up was often referred to as the "Wall of Gender".

January 1983: Fiesta House, L.A. with Fat & Fucked Up and The Super Heroines.


October 28, 1983: Fiesta House, L.A. 

February 19, 1984: Music Machine, Los Angeles with  Kommunity FK, Party Boys and  The  Nip Drivers

March 3, 1984: Perkins Palace, Pasadena with  Specimen and Einsturzende Neubauten

May 25, 1984: Club Lingerie, L.A. with  PSI-COM and Kommunity FK

March 20, 1985: Berwin Entertainment Center, L.A. with  Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

September 8, 1985: Anti-Club, L.A. with  Plastic Glass, Fat and Fucked Up and Phranc

* Michael Ochoa rejoins Nervous Gender

August 3, 1986: Roxy, L.A. with Psychic TV.

The Roxy show was the final performance of the "Wall of Gender" line-up due to Wall of Voodoo's recording and touring commitments.

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