Late 1989, Michael and Joe Zinnato working on midi generated music.

Early 1990, Gerardo,  Michael and Joe start collaborating on Nervous Gender as a trio.

"The Leaner Meaner Nervous Gender"

July -22-90: The One Way (a leather bar),  Silver lake

BBQ Hell. Invitational performance at NG studios (J.Z.'s house) 

Approximately 125 people attended. 

12-16-90: Club Fuck, Silver lake, CA


Piss and Blood. Cal State Los Angeles. (Gerardo's MFA exhibit)

4-18-91:  Hammerhead, Long Beach

BEN IS DEAD #13 May 1991


Hammerhead is an 'industrial dance' club held on Thursdays at Que Sera, a lesbian bar in Long Beach. Nervous Gender was asked to play on short notice, so they had to quickly throw together a show, which was difficult because their program and sample discs had been stolen at their last gig and they had to reconstruct all their material from scratch. The resulting 25-minute set was short, but intense.

Does programmed music sound like a wimpy idea? Think again. Keyboardists Mike and Joe, with Gerardo confronting the audience with lyrics about all aspects of sexuality, spare nothing. This leaner, meaner Nervous Gender would have sounded best pounding thru a more powerful PA, something the band has yet to find. Maybe at Al's in May? Not a chance.

Even though they got enthusiastic hoots and hollers from the audience, the band decided not to encore with 'Fat Cow.' With lyrics like 'Fat cow / moo moo / four teats / cow hips,' the crowd might have listened with a sense of humor and loved it. Why not take a risk? (Wild Don)

[Wild Don is Don Lewis]

Photo: Wild Don Lewis

Club Fuck, Silver lake. With Babyland.

Photo: Wild Don Lewis

August 26, 1991: Club Ass @ The Detour (Final NG performance due to Gerardo's health)

Michael and Joe form HIGHHEELTITWIG with Claire Lawrence Slater

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Gerardo Velasquez dies at age 33 on March 28, 1992

BEN IS DEAD #19 June/July 1992 


Gerardo Velasquez, founder of Nervous Gender, died on March 28 from AIDS. He was 33. His band was part of the first generation of L.A. Punk bands in the 70s, and was one of the first to solely use synthesizers instead of guitars. A lot of the band's material dealt with sex, religion, guilt and alienation. Phranc got her start with the band.

Nervous Gender played only sporadically during the '80s, while Gerardo earned a Master of Fine Arts degree at Cal State L.A. At one point, he was accepted to Cal Arts to complete his studies, but had to refuse for health and economic reasons. The '90s saw the band making a comeback, with original members Michael Ochoa and Joe Zinnato as programmers (they were no longer 'synthesizer players'). However, Gerardo's failing health prevented them from playing more than the occasional gig at places like Fuck! and the Detour.

Gerardo was active until the day of his death, and was at home with family and close friends when he passed away.

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