1980 - 1982

January 1980

Average age of Nervous Gender drops to 13.54 when Sven joins as the drummer.

Phranc leaves Nervous Gender for good to focus on Catholic Discipline.

Paul Roessler (keyboard player of the Screamers) joins the band on "synthesizer and metal surface". 

January 17, 1980: Anticlub with The Angry Samoans

February 1980

Michael drops 10 tabs of acid in 5 days, his memory begins to falter. 

February 23, 1980: Roosevelts, S.F. with Bpeople, Human Hands and Factrix.

February 24 1980:
The "Live At Target" sessions at Target Studios, Oakland. with  Factrix, Uns and Flipper.


2-28-80: Whisky, LA. with the  Mommy Men. 

3-8-80: Dada Show, LA.

3-10-80: Blackies, L.A. with the Dead Kennedy's  (secret unbilled performance)

3-12-80: The Whisky, LA with Geza X & The Mommy Men

"Nervous Gender's primary virtue is that they exist at all."  - Slash Magazine 

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May 1980

Sven and his mother are deported back to Germany. 


Because of Michael Ochoa's increasing involvement with Outside projects Voxpop, Victory Acres and The Shadow Minstrels, Gerardo gives him an ultimatum to choose between Voxpop or Nervous Gender. Michael does not respond well to ultimatums and quits...Besides, Voxpop is a much more fun group of people to hang with. Ironically, Michael's Voxpop band mates Don Bolles rejoins NG and Singer Dinah Cancer joins on as back-up vocalist.


5-30-80: Traction Gallery.  Nervous Gender as  Beelzebub Youth

6-27-80: Hong Kong Cafe,  L.A. with Human Hands and Voice Farm. 

8-80: The 'Live At Target' LP is released by Subterranean Records. The LP features Tracks by Nervous Gender, Uns, Flipper and Factrix. 

Nervous Gender : 1. Miscarriage 2. Scandinavian Dilemma 3. Poets 4. Confession

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Nervous Gender play the second Western Front music festival, San Francisco:

10-17-80: Pacific Tool and Die. San Francisco with the Zeros 

10-18-80 Berkeley Square, Berkeley, CA with Johanna Went

1-24-81: Brave Dog, L.A. with Victory Acres

Nervous Gender Fascist Pig interview in Flipside Magazine #27

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4-18-81: Brave Dog, L.A. with The Gun Club

10-3-81: Brave Dog, L.A. with  Strong Silent Types

10-17-81: Beyond Baroque Center, Venice, CA with  Kommunity FK

12-5-81: Brave Dog, L.A. with Kommunity FK


January 1982:  Nervous Gender release their "Music From Hell" LP on Subterranean Records.

Nervous "martyr complex" Gender Side:
2. Nothing To Hide
3. Cardinal Newman
4. Fat Cow
5. Alien Point of View
6. People Like You
7. Regress For You

Beelzebub Youth Side:
1. Christian Lovers
2. Exorcism
3. Bathroom Sluts
4. Pie On a Ledge
5. Push Push Push
6. Alice's Song

(**Note: Beelzebub Youth is Nervous Gender (aka Gobschiet) and not an other band.)

LP, Subterranean Records, SUB 21-1

1-19-82: Whisky a go go, L.A. with  VoxPop and The Omlits

3-27-82: Album release party for "Music From Hell" at Brave Dog, L.A. with  Gobschiet, Strong Silent Types, The Speed queens


4-24-82: Al's Bar, L.A. with  SPK.

9-19-82: The One Way, L.A. with  Fat and Fucked Up, Lotus Lame, King Cotton, Fun House.


10-23-82: Al's Bar, L.A. with The Super Heroines

and 10-24-82 As Gobschiet with Christian Death

12-8-82: O.N. Klub, LA with : Gobscheit (NG), The  Super Heroines and Kommunity FK.

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