Highheeltitwig was the next project for Michael Ochoa and Joe Zinnato after Nervous Gender.

Vocalist Claire Lawrence-Slater had previously performed in Popsicle Throb, The Honeymoon Killers & Huge Killer Ships.

March 14, 1992 - Esterspace. Benefit for Aids Project Los Angeles. The Vanna White Love Show

August 1, 1992 - Cacophony Society's Christmas Rises from the Grave

"Perverse Christmas Cabaret from the Theatrically Absurd High Heel Tit Wig"


August 16, 1992 - Club Fuck, Silverlake. The Madonna Hate Show

Raji's, Hollywood. The Sex Show

Claire asks for a break and becomes drummer for Chip & Tony Kinman's Blackbird.

Michael and Joe continue writing material patiently waiting for Claire's return. She never does.

Joe suffers a massive stroke that effectively puts an end to musical activities.


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